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Who Is Sheila?

Sheila worked in the field of training & development for over 20 years at the college and university level, organization-level, and private contractor level. Now, at the entrepreneurial level, Sheila's focus is to provide organzations with effective content creation that will strenghthen marketing, ad-copy, and technical writing campaigns.


Previous to professional research and writing services, Sheila led All About Education-Consulting & Coaching. She assisted individuals, small businesses, and non-profit entities with training & development (content creation and implementation), human resources solutions, and professional coaching services. It was during those years that an increased awareness and interest in professional writing services came into the foray.


In addition to training and development, Sheila also provided behavior intervention services for Howard Chudler PhD & Associates of Glendora, Ca. In her 20 years with HCA, Sheila was a trainer, adviser, and advocate for persons with disabilities with treatment needs and behavioral challenges. Sheila also provided editing services, assessments, intra-business HR consultation, & periodic training for work places, residences, and orgnizations.


Sheila graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Psychology and Education from Cal State University, San Bernardino, and received an MBA from Keller Graduate School. The emphasis of studies at Keller were in Training & Development and Human Resources. Lastly, Sheila achieved her PhD in Psychology in March 2014. Much of her research involved human relations, disabilities, and interconnection among diverse populations.  


Outside of the work world, Sheila continues to be a passionate advocate for people with disabilities. She is also an avid reader and enjoys the beauty of film. 





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